Compsobuthus cf. maindroni, Hottentotta saxinatans and Nebo omanensis - Oman

Bilder der Herkunft von Skorpionen / Picture´s about the origin of scorpions
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Compsobuthus cf. maindroni, Hottentotta saxinatans and Nebo omanensis - Oman

Beitragvon Callum B » 26.01.2017, 21:51

Near Ar Ruus, Saiq Plateau, Western Hajar Mountains, Oman

Temperature during our visit in October 2016:

Daytime: 25*C - 28*C
Nighttime: 16*C - 19*C

Generally loamy soil.

Rocky landscape comprising of open areas strewn with many different sized rounded stones and boulders, as well as layered rock outcrops. Lots of shrubs and small trees, particularly towards the bottom of valleys and along the sides of wadis. It had rained fairly recently, so in areas that held moisture there was green grass and herbaceous plants.

Compsobuthus cf. maindroni were found in the more open areas covered in stones and boulders, either sheltering underneath these, or waiting close by at night.

Hottentotta saxinatans seemed to sit out in the open at night on rock ledges above a wadi which still held some moisture but no surface water.

Nebo omanensis were discovered exclusively around the tree pictured and no where else. Most had created burrows under the tree roots or large rocks, although some juveniles were sheltering in scrapes under smaller rocks.

Nebo omanensis tree.

Hottentotta saxinatans rock ledges.

Compsobuthus cf. maindroni habitat.
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